Managing Active Directory Credentials

To proceed with the steps below, it is necessary: 1. To have a management account with user password change permissions, this account is used by onepoint to manage and change the password of the DC accounts. 2. Onepoint server shall be able to resolve FQDN of the domain. Steps 1- In Onepoint, go to Settings > Asset. 2- […]

Configuring Active Directory Authentication

Configuring AD Authentication Onepoint can be accessed through the AD users, below you will have step by step how this configuration is done. NOTE: To perform this configuration it is necessary the LDAPS enabled. Directory Backend 1- In Onepoint, go to Settings > Backends. 2- Click New. 3– Select type Directory Backend, Select Class LDAP/AD , Name: ad-”domain”. 4- In parameters, fill in […]

Installing Onepoint on CentOS 7 with Hashicorp Vault

1. Introduction This page is intended to follow the installation procedure for Onepoint with Hashicorp Vault. For other procedures, please check the page Onepoint Procedures 2. Other Required Repositores The following repositories are required for installing Onepoint. Please, make sure they’re enabled once installed (property enabled=1 in the respective /etc/yum.repos.d/REPONAME.repo repository file) epel-release Remi’s Repository – Direct link […]

Updating Onepoint

his page is intended to assist the user to update de Onepoint, for good practices the first step is to backup the machine’s status. 1 – First step is to backup database.php and config.json. ]# vi /usr/share/onepoint/onepoint/application/config/database.php ]# vi /usr/share/onepoint/onepoint-worker/cfg/config.json NOTE:The information above is demonstrative, the filling must be done according to your information. 2 […]

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