Our unique approach focuses on combining best practices with customer feedback. More than a methodology, it is our driving force – something we call Onepoint.

OnePoint is a philosophy that embraces our expertise and intelligence to create accelerators (plug-ins, quick project deliverables and best-practices), built from a deep knowledge of our customers, our implementations and market trends in Identity & Access Management. 

Rapid Delivery

Combining agile processes based on the SCRUM framework oriented to identity projects, Netbr has developed its own unique methodology for delivering identity projects to reduce implementation time and increase the return on value.



With the definition of MVP’s, in fast delivery cycles (1 to 2 months), it is possible to maintain a uniform execution with constant value visibility for stakeholders.

Bucket points

The only certainty in identity and access projects is that they will change along the way, sometimes radically.

To avoid the bureaucracy and additional costs of scope changes, Netbr classifies scope by size, complexity (low, medium, high), effort and risks.

As a result, using the concept of “Bucket points”, it becomes possible to adjust the direction of the project and deliverables without issuing “change request forms”. The goal of this approach is to bring more flexibility to the project without compromising value, and is key to how we provide “Affordable Excellence” to our customers.

Because we provide our customers with a service catalog implementation list, they are able to experience remarkably more Change Management flexibility, with no hidden costs or frustrations.

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Ongoing Value

For many companies, it is a significant challenge to support their IAM Projects after the project has been completed.

To address this problem, we have developed an ongoing “Value Package”. Instead of just sustaining the environment post implementation, the Value Package provides:

  • Indicators
  • An assessment of best practices and developments
  • Tracking of the end-user experience
  • Internal training and workshops
  • Improvement strategies

IAM academy

We offer customers the opportunity to “shadow” our engineers as they follow best practices for project implementation and on-going support. Our training packages are affordable and include high-level support from our Swat Team.

(Onepoint Accelerators)

In order to meet specific customer needs, Netbr offers a modular construction cell that relies on technologies and frameworks, such as Sailpoint and Hashicorp. Many of these plugins are running in our customer production environments and helping to provide superior results and value to our customers.

Our custom plugins list includes:

  • Contractors Plugin (Third Party Portal) for Sailpoint
  • Profile Management Plugin for Sailpoint
  • ITSM integration plugin for Sailpoint
  • Non-Human Account Management Plugin (Robots, App / Service Accounts) for Sailpoint
  • Human Access Privilege for Hashicorp Vault 


  • Recover “bad” implementations – repair and improve implementations that did not achieve project goals
  • Modernize PAM – implement ephemeral access
  • Resource Allocation
  • Quick Wins
  • Advisory and Implementation of IGA, CIAM/IAM, PAM/Secrets Management
  • Ongoing support

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